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City Desk    September 14, 2010  
Visit the New Justinian

Justinian has emerged from the chrysalis, not as a butterfly, but as an annoying wasp … Seize the moment … Click for the details ... more

City Desk    August 11, 2010  
Pass the parmesan

Soapy George Brandis comes to town … Tickling the Sydney Bar ‘n’ Grill for campaign money … Others might want to actually press policy ideas at closed circle Beppi’s din-dins ... more

Leverhulme    August 11, 2010  
Judicial complaints report packed with goodness

London Calling … A nation racked with choice and diversity awareness … Insensitive judicial officers sent to re-education camps … Australian election steadfastly ignored … Evelyn Waugh’s explanation for never voting … Leverhulme files ... more

Stephen Keim    August 9, 2010  
The ceremony of innocence is drowned

Administration switches tack in long running habeas case … Law of war … Detention without trial continues to flourish … Government lawyers doing their worst … Stephen Keim and Katherine McGree report ... more

Deja Vu    August 5, 2010  
From the mouths of craftsmen

Justinian’s hardcopy archive is a warehouse of gems … We shall remember them … Littlemore comes to grips with the language … VicAppeals unhappy without the two counsel rule … Languid Family judge hits herself in the face ... more

Sir Terence O'Rort    August 3, 2010  
Lord Eldon's family tree

The tree of man … Ancient fight over fig tree on Eldons’ estate not over yet … Further appeals planned to get unimproved land value of Ascot spread reduced to almost zero … Stellar court room showing by Eldon patriarch … Sir Terence O’Rort reports ... more

City Desk    August 2, 2010  
Bully beef

Not all mental breakdowns are equal … Some are more “reasonable” than others … Victoria leads the nation in workplace bullying claims … New amendments come as a great relief to captains of industry … Luke Williams reports ... more

Theodora    July 30, 2010  
Hoot ... Hoot

No win, lots of fees – remembering Copper 7 … Law and Social Work get cognate at U.Syd … Judge Felicity – feisty telly star … Wendler’s marmalade – by appointment ... more

City Desk    July 28, 2010  
How goes the auction?

Elections are less than eight months away for long-suffering NSW voters … Are the Liberals sticking to the promise not to engage in a law and order auction? ... The new agenda is rehabilitation, with punitive add-ons … The political straddle is alive and well … Samantha Bowers reports ... more

Jaws    July 28, 2010  
The Commoner

Jaws drools at Melbourne’s new darling of nosh … Thriller mushrooms … Ethereal gnocchi … Whimsical twists … Experimental meringues … Al fresco plating ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    July 23, 2010  
Rough treatment by the courts

“You have a right to a speedy trial – unless they need to torture you first” ... The media’s characterisation of waterboarding – it used to be called torture, now it’s nothing special … Americans stripped of their citizenship by transport safety bureaucrats … Our Man in Washington reports ... more

Victoria Mole    July 23, 2010  
Of grease and tears and judges

MasterChef and its lawyer cooks … A round or two with Dyson Heydon is excellent training for plating-up to George, Gary and Matt … Leaving the brulée off the crème would be akin to omitting the vitals of a contract … Vicki Mole blogs ... more

Percy Lo-Kit Chan    July 22, 2010  
HK's politico judicial juggling act

Conflicts lawyers salivating … Hong Kong court told to butt out of case involving claims of sovereign immunity … US hedge fund wants it’s money back … Arbitral award over debts owed by state enterprises … Percy Lo-kit Chan files this report ... more

Tulkinghorn    July 22, 2010  
Snake oil regulation

Lawyer advertising … Self-regulation keeps the lean and hungry lawyers at bay and controls the snake oil salesmen … Ad hocery galore … Why should the industry trade unions decide what lawyers can spruik? ... Brydens (when winning is everything) takes on the regulators … Tulkinghorn goes to town ... more

Court in the Act    July 21, 2010  
Who's laughing now?

Kookaburras and copyright … Media neglects critical points in reporting damages decision in Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree v Down Under ... Larrikin’s claim “excessive, overreaching and unrealistic” ... Kookaburras are greedy creatures … Leanne O’Donnell reports ... more

Leverhulme    July 19, 2010  
Notes from the Paddington end

Mandy furiously promoting The Third Man ... Judge resigns over rent-boy indiscretion … Clegg wants to overturn law that bans animals fornicating with Royal corgis … Punter wins hedging bets case – London Calling ... more

City Desk    July 19, 2010  
Estcourt on Web 2

Stephen Estcourt QC, foodie, blogger and social media fiend, reveals how Web 2 has expanded his life and work … #willingnesstohelp ... more

Evan Whitton    July 16, 2010  
Saving newsprint by omitting drivel

Election advice – ignore the War Party … Abe Saffron – libel terrorist … Rugby notes … Conniptions at Uni of Syd over Challis chair and law school merger … Evan Whitton at large ... more

On the Couch    July 14, 2010  
John Hatzistergos

Away from the oil-stained bilges of NSW politics and resting gently on Justinian’s couch the NSW Attorney General can be surprisingly mellow … A man who is both jovial and charming … Or was he speaking with an unpipped Kalamata olive in his mouth? ... more

Critics' Corner    July 13, 2010  
Whitelocke on Lawmanship

Beguiling pastiche of barristerial posturing … The importance of looking the part … The Velvet Salamander transforms into the Silver Canetoad … James Hutton reviews Bullstrode Whitelocke’s essential text for advocates ... more

City Desk    July 12, 2010  
Raw prawns and tabloid beat-ups

Effectiveness of incarceration … The Crime and Justice Reform Committee has been setting out the facts on rates of imprisonment … An interesting study in contrasts … Fairfax and Murdoch reptiles absorb different messages over Danny Gilbert’s delicious treats ... more


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