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26 February, 2010  
Goings On ...

Another big firm commercial litigation solicitor tapped for the NSW Supreme Court … Due diligence completed … Announcement awaited

imageWord on the Rialto is that Allens’ commercial litigation partner Michael Ball is heading for the NSW Supremes.

Following Malleson’s Julie Ward into the court’s commercial arena will send the bar into conniptions of delight.

The information I have is that Ball’s name has been floated by the AG’s department past the relevant authorities, specifically the bar ‘n’ grill and law society.

Due diligence has been conducted and it appears that Ball has been given a clean bill of health.

When we rang the Ball to discuss the good news he clammed up, and said he didn’t want to comment.

“Oh no. No comment.”

He didn’t seem overjoyed to have been asked about the prospective elevation.

Clearly, commercial stuff is the lifeblood of the court’s vortex as common law work continues to slip away.

Ball is well qualified for the job.

On the AAR website he is described as a “highly sought after litigation lawyer”.

“Michael focuses on large, complex, often sensitive, and long-term litigation. He draws on his experience to identify appropriate risk levels and likely outcomes before determining the approach to be taken. He combines his experience with the significant organisational skills needed to manage large-scale matters, as demonstrated by his work for Westpac and a number of others banks in the Linter litigation; Pioneer in the Giant Resources litigation; KPMG in the Duke litigation and Deposit and Investment litigation; and various cases for News Ltd and Foxtel, including the C7 litigation.”

We’re waiting on confirmation from AG Hatzistergos’ office.

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