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Justinian Archive Articles from 2006
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News Of The World    December 22, 2006  
Latest law news

Public opinion in support of David Hicks is gathering momentum … Police Integrity Commission thinks that former judge Jeff Shaw should be charged … Abu Bakar Bashir cleared of involvement in the Bali bombings … Calls for the hapless Queensland DPP to go ... more

Court in the Act    December 22, 2006  
Revenge is a kind of wild justice

The identity of the person who leaked the devastating Clayton Utz documents is revealed. ... more

Polly Peck    December 20, 2006  
Capital Offences

Meet Kelvin Thompson – Labor’s new shadow attorney general … Legal aid spending is just Fabulous … Hicks is not in solitary, he’s in “a single occupancy cell” ... more

News Of The World    December 18, 2006  
Latest law news

US frees more prisoners held for five years at Guantanamo without charge … Michael McHugh thinks control orders are unconstitutional … Iraq’s rough and ready legal system … What it’s like to be locked-up in Baghdad … British barrister under arrest in Zimbabwe … Execution by lethal injection banned in California ... more

Tulkinghorn    December 15, 2006  
Forget Senior Counsel, let's try "Super Lawyer"

A New Jersey court stamps out “self-aggrandising” titles such as “Super Lawyer”. Actually the “Super Lawyer” selection process was superior to those that are used here to appoint new Senior Counsel ... more

Evan Whitton    December 14, 2006  
Running the spool backwards

It was brave of Ole K. Cole to accept Jackie Howard’s ostrich defence … Academics give the High Court birchings for decisions in McKinnon (erosion of the court’s standing) and WorkChoices (arrant nonsence) ... Give Serial Liars to a lawyer for Christmas … Don’t give Serial Liars to a lawyer for Christmas ... more

News Of The World    December 13, 2006  
Latest law news

David Hammerschlag and Elizabeth Fullerton for NSW Supreme Court … Britain loses terrorists who removed their electronic tags … US Muslim charities sue Bush administration … Downer and Nelson told by US that Hicks will be among the first to be “tried” by military commission … Ian Barker says Bradley Murdoch trial a “substantial miscarriage” ... Wearing to court a picture of a crime victim does not prejudice the jury ... more

City Desk    December 13, 2006  
Dunlevy v Law Society of NSW

Justice Peter Young declares that Geoff Dunlevy can be president next year, unless the law society’s council confiscates his vice-presidency before then. There’s an ocean of bitterness to wade through ... more

Court in the Act    December 13, 2006  
Fight to reopen Rolah McCabe case

It’s pumping in court 11D: Clayton Utz’s Brian Wilson said to have denied Rolah McCabe a fair hearing … Victorian Court of Appeal may have been misled in major tobacco case … Batty Boys desperate to conceal documents pointing to iniquitous conduct … Justice Brereton urged to excuse himself as he was previously briefed to uphold the sanctity of the “document retention policy” ... more

News Of The World    December 11, 2006  
Latest law news

Wounded British troops in Iraq given criminal compo because the invasion is not legally a “war” ... Kelvin “Funeral Director” Thompson becomes shadow attorney general … More heavy-handed threats from the Batty Boys … How the new uniform Defamation Act is keeping the corporates out of court ... more

News Of The World    December 8, 2006  
Latest law news

US Democrats push for greater legal process in terror laws … Canadian police chief resigns over Arar deportation and torture case … Penis pump judge refused parole … US Supreme Court running out of work … Traces of Litvinenko poison found at Russian Embassy … Number of judges carrying guns into court increases in New York ... more

City Desk    December 7, 2006  
The improper rissoling of Geoff Dunlevy

The NSW Law Society is in uproar over the removal of president-elect Geoff Dunlevy. He’s now off to court to challenge the putsch. So far the society has no explanation why Dunlevy is unsuitable to be president in 2007 ... more

Court in the Act    December 7, 2006  
Brereton quietly fuming over disqualification application

Slater & Gordon hands over the name of its source for the sensitive Clayton Utz documents dealing with the Rolah McCabe case. However, that was overshadowed by S & G’s application that Justice Paul Brereton disqualify himself from hearing any more of the case since he took the BAT boys’ shilling in an earlier life ... more

News Of The World    December 6, 2006  
Latest law news

Hicks in urgent Federal Court action seeking orders to get him home by Christmas … Some Liberal MPs rumbling about US treatment of Hicks … Commonwealth’s control order legislation unconstitutional, High Court told … Hartley Hansen unimpressed by Steve Vizard (who wouldn’t be?) ... Russians won’t hand over suspects in Litvinenko poisoning case ... more

News Of The World    December 4, 2006  
Latest law news

Fairfax and BAT settle injunction proceedings, costs still an issue … John Laws and Steve Price say the Constitution protects their right to vilify gays … Death penalty for Australians to be reviewed by Indonesian Constitutional Court … Japan to bring back the jury ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    December 3, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

Germany’s looming war crimes case against Rumsfeld & Co … Plenty of “terrorist” cases grinding through the federal courts … Don’t ask, don’t tell policy on torture ... more

News Of The World    December 1, 2006  
Latest law news

Wife of NSW judge bites policeman … Royal Commissions can be pretty useless at finding the real truth … Halliburton settles war profiteering claim … Alvarez Solon to get $4.5 million in compo … Lord Steyn accuses Blair government of prosecuting a lawless war ... more

Evan Whitton    December 1, 2006  
Where the offence is, let the axe fall

Mr Loophole lumbered … Snarler Cheney’s war “interests” ... Democrats who get their snouts in the trough will have to beware the Republican media … Better for the Wallabies to select and train themselves ... more

Court in the Act    December 1, 2006  
More burning issues in BAT case

Who gave Slater & Gordon the dirt file on Clutz and the Batty Boys? Slater & Gordon ordered to name its sources and name everyone with whom it has shared the delicious information ... more

News Of The World    November 28, 2006  
Latest law news

Arnold Block Leibler and James Judd QC don’t come out the the O.K. Cole inquiry smelling of roses … “My QC will rip Downer to shreds,” says AWB executive … British cabinet split on extending detention for terror suspects … ASIO appeals security assessment access ... more

Barry Lane    November 28, 2006  
Case concepts for sex trials

Hostile grump Peter Faris was right to steer away from defending rapists, according to Barry Lane. The Victorian Court of Appeal has breathed life into the record of interview with police and the unsworn statement. Sexual assault victims can still be trashed by defence counsel ... more

Court in the Act    November 28, 2006  
Where there's smoke ...

Tobacco companies searching for the leaker of the Clayton Utz’ documents, which supposedly reveal “iniquitous” conduct in the Rolah McCabe case. Slater & Gordon stopped from disseminating Clutz’ secrets, which already have been sent to the police and legal authorities in Victoria ... more

News Of The World    November 24, 2006  
Latest law news

The Mensch – a traffic and legal hazard … Wheeties to shoulder all the oil for food blame … NSW Law Society furore over president’s putsch … Moira Rayner cleared ... more

Polly Peck    November 23, 2006  
Capital Offences

Fabulous Phil Ruddock v David Hicks. The attorney general hops into the Law Council for adopting “fashionable causes” – like Hicks’ case. The AG also asks a corporate lawyers gathering, why can’t these bleeding heart types just help pensioners with their wills? ... more

News Of The World    November 22, 2006  
Latest law news

US Supremes sent poisoned cookies … Jayant Patel to be charged … Berlusconi corruption trial gets underway … Toxic fumes engulf Parramatta courthouse ... more

Court in the Act    November 21, 2006  
Rolah McCabe rolls on

The Age and the Financial Review want to publish more from the secret Clutz investigation into the conduct of its lawyers in big tobacco litigation. The cancer stick boys are fighting with every ounce of their emphysema breath to stop any more unpleasant stories. Ginger Snatch reports ... more

News Of The World    November 20, 2006  
Latest law news

Home Secretary wants to scrap juries in complex fraud cases … Big shake-up of English legal profession announced in Queen’s speech … US Federalist Society holds gloomy annual meeting … Richo tries to explain his Swiss money ... more

News Of The World    November 17, 2006  
Latest law news

Judge says legal profession needs to lighten-up … Qantas bans displays promoting Schapelle’s book … Chief Justice of Illinois wins libel damages of \$US7 million … Bush re-submits hard-liners for the appeals bench … Blair wants new terror laws … Former Queensland minister charged with extortion ... more

Critics' Corner    November 17, 2006  

The complex legaling behind the publication of Jonestown. Plenty of lawyers, plenty of opinions – but in the end Chris Masters’ work was deemed defensible. Worm reviews the book ... more

Tulkinghorn    November 15, 2006  
Hiding the ball

Forget about judicial appointments bodies. There’s evidence to suggest that governments will be just as good at picking the right types for the selection commission as they are at picking judges ... more

News Of The World    November 15, 2006  
Latest law news

High Court fails to disappoint government on IR and refugees … German prosecutor to investigate Rumsfeld and Gonzales war crimes … US senate probes rendition abuses ... more

News Of The World    November 14, 2006  
Latest law news

Neat summary of High Court’s WorkChoices decision, with the Big C for the unions … Qld CJ elevates Senator Soapy Brandis to silk … Death penalty decision upheld by US Supreme Court … NSW traffic scam swoop … British government divided over tougher race hate laws … Bush judicial nominees in doubt ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    November 13, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

The new law of torture … Before the Bush regime, the normal rule was that if suspects were tortured they should not be put on trial. Now Bush wants his trials and convictions, regardless of the tainted evidence. Also, defence lawyers’ access to abused clients is to be curtailed ... more

Evan Whitton    November 13, 2006  
Hold the zeal

How can super-intelligent people on the High Court put their names to guff? ... Dick Cheney now part of Democrats’ “swamp draining” program … Little Johnnie booed at the cricket ... more

News Of The World    November 10, 2006  
Latest law news

High Court rules against damages for paternity fraud … Mounting coalition concern about David Hicks … Sentencing “reform” in Britain … The coppers helpful early warning device when politicians are to be charged ... more

Barry Lane    November 8, 2006  
Another legendary litigator

It’s looks as though we might have a 2006 winner for the Joe Guss Legendary Litigators Award. Barry Lane is nominating one half of the brilliant Katzenjammer Kids ... more

News Of The World    November 8, 2006  
Latest law news

Bush’s legislative agenda finished as Democrats take the house … Electronic voting glitches in US election lead to legal challenges … Plenty of alleged child sex assaults by politicians … What’s really at stake in the indictment of class action house Milberg Weiss … Britney’s libel case thrown out ... more

News Of The World    November 6, 2006  
Latest law news

Hanging Saddam is “a sign of democratic hope”, says Little Johnnie … Clutz and BAT try to keep the lid on unpleasant revelations … “General chaos” in a number of British criminal cases … Retired US federal judges say new Military Commissions Act is unconstitutional ... more

Sir Terence O'Rort    November 6, 2006  
Trying to breathe life into a dead parrot

Delays and fudging are all due to overwork at the Brisvegas federal magistrates’ court. How a former “Young Lawyer of the Year” slipped on the “slip rule” ... more

News Of The World    November 3, 2006  
Latest law news

Federal court rules that ASIO’s adverse security assessments can be discovered … Fabulous Phil Ruddock attacks Law Council and Burnside for adopting “causes” ... Lord Hutton says his report was not a whitewash … Coonan not fully supportive of Guantanamo “processes” ... Fresh new torture allegations … Philandering judge burned to death ... more

Tulkinghorn    November 3, 2006  
Gunns, C7, et al: getting the priorities right

The truth is out there – let’s hope it isn’t found too quickly. The beauty of the adversarial system is that the search for truth marches in step with the search for fees ... more

News Of The World    November 1, 2006  
Latest law news

More pro bono required … Clarification: Clutz didn’t actually destroy 1000s of documents in the McCabe case … Shake-up for commercial litigation in Britain … Planning judge drops his own property development … US government abandons royalties claim against friendly oil & gas corporation … More trouble at the Brisbane Federal Magistrates Court … WA political-real estate sleaze under investigation by the CCC ... more

Evan Whitton    November 1, 2006  
The first Tuesday in November

Both Richard Helms and Ollie North applied a bit of greymail and skipped free from various awful felonies. But can greymail work just as smoothly for Scooter Libby? ... more

Sir Terence O'Rort    October 31, 2006  
Hang the expense - this is the QLS

Rubbery accounts cause angry scenes at Queensland Law Society AGM. Procedural mayhem slows the search for missing dramatis personae: “Miscellaneous, Other and Sundries” ... more

News Of The World    October 30, 2006  
Latest law news

Internal Clayton Utz investigation finds that two tobacco partners misbehaved in the Rolah McCabe case … Uncle Bob Debus to go federal … Large scale bail skipping in NSW … Saddam’s shambolic trial … Former PM not molested by Alan “Dunny” Jones ... more

Polly Peck    October 30, 2006  
Capital Offences

Fabulous Phil Ruddock tangled in Alan “Dunny” Jones’ web … AG should be investigated for (allegedly) leaking ASIO raids … Nifty Neville Wran rallies the Lionel Murphy brigade and urges an Australian Bill of Rights … Lillian jabs the government on the death penalty … AG on sleepiness ... more

City Desk    October 28, 2006  
Justinian in New York - part two

“Winning the war on terror” was one of the stand-out panel discussions at The New Yorker Festival earlier this month. To witness the event was a bit like watching nude mud-wrestling. It was both awful and thrilling ... more

News Of The World    October 27, 2006  
Latest law news

CIA pressured Germany not to complain about US human rights abuses … Britain quiet about extradition of US soldiers who killed an ITN reporter … Kirby calls for legal recognition of gay marriage … NY bar unhappy about proposed advertising restrictions … Queue for succession to the throne in turmoil ... more

Judges    October 25, 2006  
Justinian in New York - part one

Supremo moderate Justice Stephen Breyer took on all comers at a public forum earlier this month in New York. Everyone, from angry gays to those who want the Supreme Court to be accountable for the Iraq war, was on hand to toss Molotov cocktails at Hizonner. The aplomb with which it was all handled was impressive. Justinian was there with his notebook ... more

News Of The World    October 25, 2006  
Latest law news

US rendition policy in the spotlight … Claims that Hicks was sexually abused not properly investigated by the Pentagon … Bret Walker’s brother disagrees with the silk over the “outing” of Alan “Dunny” Jones … Ex-WA politicians turned lobbyists coaching local government candidates ... more

News Of The World    October 23, 2006  
Latest law news

Clinton and Gates wheeled out to support Paul McCartney … Masters says Singleton offered him $300,000 to rethink his book on Alan “Dunny” Jones … Ruddock squirming over visa fix for Dunny’s pal … Lord Chief Justice on terrorism and human rights ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    October 22, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

So what is torture? The difference between coercion and torture is wafer-thin, and torture evidence still will be admissible at the Guantanamo trials. In the meantime, despite their best endeavours, the CIA and the Bush lawyers may not have got themselves entirely off the war crimes hook ... more

News Of The World    October 20, 2006  
Latest law news

Raid on Canadian journalist’s home under anti-terror laws ruled invalid … Red Cross concerned about the Military Commissions Act ... UK intelligence says Britain now number one Al Qaeda target … US soldiers to be court martialled over Iraq murders and rape ... more

News Of The World    October 18, 2006  
Latest law news

Queensland AG resigns … House of Reps passes the media “reform” bill … Bush signs Military Commission Act ... Nino Scalia says judges should not decide political issues … More corruption in US administration … Brtitish government wants tighter FOI Act ... more

Bar Talk    October 18, 2006  
The attorney general scares us

President Bush has just signed the Military Commissions Act into law. Apart from Alberto Gonzales, Philip Ruddock alone among western AGs condones the Cuban gulag and its trial procedures. Here NSW barristers Ian Barker and Robert Toner put Ruddock’s conduct regarding Guantanamo Bay and David Hicks into context ... more

Tulkinghorn    October 17, 2006  
The mysteries of privilege

Now accountants are clamouring to have the same professional privilege as lawyers – for their clients, of course. New Zealand accountants got it last year, now the idea is seeping over the Tasman. Where will it end? ... more

Evan Whitton    October 16, 2006  
Le vice Anglais

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett got rid of the double jeopardy rule. NSW is half-way there and now reform of this bit of the criminal law is the official policy of the Council of Australian Governments. Various acquitted are watching anxiously ... more

News Of The World    October 16, 2006  
Latest law news

New British law to help convict men who rape drunken women … Latest crop of “honorary QCs” ... Election race for New York attorney general mired in extra-marital accusations … Queensland AG in trouble for misleading parliament … Pre-election parole law for NSW ... more

Evan Whitton    October 3, 2006  
Cutting and pasting

While Chief Justice Spiggsy Spigelman bemoans the awfulness of judicial performance indicators, Evan Whitton helpfully provides to the Productivity Commission five measurable ingredients it could apply in the assessment of court effectiveness ... more

Tulkinghorn    October 3, 2006  
Lawyers safely in charge of civil justice "reform"

The corporates had a victory on tort law reform. Now it’s payback time. Lawyers in Victoria look set to be the winners on the fees front after the law reform commission does another job on civil justice ... more

Bar Talk    October 3, 2006  
Sydney silk for 2006

Fresh Sydney silk for 2006. Disappointment for many as 17 out of 128 are called. The Bar Association assures us that the appointments are “in the public interest [and] they will provide outstanding service as advocates and advisers, to the good of the administration of justice” ... more

Judges    October 3, 2006  
Two different worlds: successful criminal trials or successful appeals?

Justice Geoffrey Eames casts light on the high rate of criminal retrials ordered by the Victorian Court of Appeal and suggests ways to overcome the problem ... more

News Of The World    September 29, 2006  
Latest law news

Congress passes draconian military commission law … British judges in a spot of bother as Brazilian cleaning lady airs dirty laundry … High Court lifts Tasmanian injunction on ABC doco … O.K. Cole upset with AWB lawyers … Margaret Whitlam “not sorry” ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    September 28, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

The Bush administration has just managed to get through Congress one of the most pernicious pieces of legislation ever contemplated in a democracy. It winds the clock back to pre-Magna Carta for “enemy combatants”, authorises torture and provides war crimes immunities for the president and his cronies. And everything is placed beyond judicial scritiny ... more

Bar Talk    September 27, 2006  
Mr Smith goes to Macquarie Street

DPP Cowdery has given the NSW government the big finger over the Smith affair. Yet both Smith and Cowdery are far from blemish-free in this snafu ... more

News Of The World    September 27, 2006  
Latest law news

Terrorism likely to increase thanks to the Iraq war … US military threatens Guantanamo lawyer with internment … Sackville critical of News Ltd document destruction … ATO says Richo squirreled $1.4 million in a Swiss account … Former Minties’ man pleads guilty to luring kiddies ... more

News Of The World    September 25, 2006  
Latest law news

What’s left of Coudert Bros files for bankruptcy in US … No more Mr Nice Guy at Guantanamo … British soldiers in Iraq involved in weapons-for-drugs trade … Indonesian foreign minister says executions of Christians quite appropriate ... more

News Of The World    September 22, 2006  
Latest law news

AFP says Jack Thomas is not a terrorist threat to Australia … White House and Republican senators agree on bill that closes the courts to detainees … British judge’s affair with his Brazilian cleaner ends in blackmail and embarrassment ... more

Tulkinghorn    September 20, 2006  
Barristerial immunity: "what asshole invented that law?"

New Zealand’s top court has just joined the crowded ranks of those that have ditched the barristers’ immunity. Our High Court defiantly clings to the reasons for retention that have been gaily abandoned everywhere else ... more

News Of The World    September 20, 2006  
Latest law news

NSW DPP’s Mr Morals at centre of political storm over prosecution of sex cases … Video evidence undoes denials of violence by Vic coppers … Bush wants CIA interrogators to have the freedom to use “alternative techniques” ... more

Barry Lane    September 19, 2006  
"Unintelligible conundrums" besiege criminal justice

The rate at which criminal convictions are being overturned in Victoria is skyrocketing. Barry finds a secret memo which advances various cures – some of which are a bit fanciful ... more

News Of The World    September 19, 2006  
Latest law news

Forget the sniping, look at the pay TV monopoly, Sumption tells Ronnie Sackville … Liberals’ Mr Morals and deputy DPP denies tipping-off colleague about child porn charges … Justice Young goes to town on AWB’s dishonesty … The US is holding up to 14,000 prisoners in offshore jails … Goldsmith and Falconer attack US over Guantanamo … Melbourne litigation funder has $1 billion worth of claims in the pipeline ... more

Evan Whitton    September 19, 2006  
Rights before justice

The law insists it is proper for judges and counsel to mislead the jury … The deep well of lawyer unhappiness … A clue as to why the dear old Bandicoots keep getting flogged ... more

Polly Peck    September 16, 2006  
Capital Offences

Polly catches-up with her old friend Sandra Day O’Connor during the former US Supreme Court judge’s stay in Canberra. They had a good chat about brutal little Nino. Also, Henry Burmeister, the government’s chief general counsel, tells Polly a thing or two about the legality of Japanese whaling ... more

News Of The World    September 15, 2006  
Latest law news

US senators want greater legal protections for terror suspects … Wild Bill Heffernan worried about “bizarre lifestyle choices” of dead judge ... more

News Of The World    September 13, 2006  
Latest law news

The Mensch leaves Stathfield board … ALRC wants refinements to sedition laws … Compromise military commission bill circulated by Republican senators … First double jeopardy trial gets off to a flying start in Britain with accused pleading guilty ... more

Judges    September 13, 2006  
Judicial appointments

Fabulous Phil Ruddock has been cranking out judicial appointments at a great rate. He’s keen to shore-up the employment law credentials of the federal courts. Worthy as the appointments are, the method of selection is anachronistic and desperately in need of change ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    September 12, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

Nicely timed for the run-up to the mid-terms the real Worst of the Worst have been removed from “black hole” CIA prisons and sent to Guantanamo … Bush confirms that the CIA will continue with Geneva banned torture … The administration’s election strategy is built around the new Military Commissions Bill, which many Republican senators find unpalatable ... more

News Of The World    September 11, 2006  
Latest law news

Bush legislation seeks to find another way of thwarting access by Guantanamo prisoners to federal courts … Mark Tedeschi steps out to meet the criticism … “Anonymous Lawyer”, the anti-hero who’s not so anonymous … Push by British prosecutors to admit hearsay ... more

News Of The World    September 8, 2006  
Latest law news

It’s looking unlikely that the new Military Commission Bill will be passed before the November mid-terms … Ruddock therefore will have to bring home David Hicks … Bush says CIA questioning at “black hole” prisons was “tough” ... “Torture Guy” in trouble over attorney-client privilege … Another Saddam lawyer shot dead ... more

City Desk    September 8, 2006  
Control Orders: Henderson v Burnside

Old cold-war warrior turned terrorist warrior Gerard Henderson once more got snitchy with Melbourne barrister Julian Burnside. He accused the civil rights man of throwing the switch to “hyperbole” over his criticism of the Jack Thomas control order. Burnside fires back ... more

News Of The World    September 7, 2006  
Latest law news

High Court upholds Dollar Pete’s magic certificate in FOI case … Kirbs says it’s “offensive” to appoint acting judges … AFP to stick with “farcical” banned contact list for Jack Thomas … Justice Anthony Kennedy has chest pains … Habib suing the Commonwealth for damages … The bar and the Greens united over double jeopardy ... more

Evan Whitton    September 7, 2006  
The petitio principii fallacy

Justice is fairness, fairness is truth, truth is reality, searching for truth is moral. Except there’s a parallel world where zealous advocacy is also moral, and the best Mr Loophole usually wins. Evan Whitton explains “immoral ethics” ... more

Tulkinghorn    September 7, 2006  
Keep placing your bets

The High Court has made encouraging noises about litigation funders in Fostif, although Tubby Callinan’s special knowledge of abuse of process put him in the minority ... more

Barry Lane    September 6, 2006  
Mills Oakley's costly contempt

A letter from Mills Oakley threatening an invalid, old-aged pensioner with defamation led to a finding of contempt by the privileges committee of parliament. It was the last straw before the law firm was turfed-off the WorkCover Authority’s panel ... more

News Of The World    September 4, 2006  
Latest law news

Large New York law firms paying \$US145,000 for new recruits … Ruth Ginsburg the richest US Supreme Court judge … Tax silks join Sumption on £2 million plus … Lawyers pay hairdressers for family law gossip … Death penalty recommended for US soldiers who murdered Iraqis in raid ... more

Theodora    September 4, 2006  
Goings on ...

More about garbage riffler Mirka Christos … A troubled life that’s causing plenty of trouble … Mirka’s CV includes a stint for glittering belle of the bar … And fresh focus on The Mensch’s judicial “skills” ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    September 1, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

Government not doing all that smoothly in the eavesdropping cases as judges attack secrecy pleadings … Chinese Muslims lost in Guantanamo … When Ruddock complains about appeal delays in the Hicks case, remember it is the administration that is appealing ... more

News Of The World    September 1, 2006  
Latest law news

Former Queensland judge bemoans political bench stacking and “lowering the bar” for women judges … Debate rages about control orders … Lord Conrad and Lady Babs Black forced to live on \$US20,000 a month … Liberal pollies meddle with Liberal DPP in paedophile case ... more

News Of The World    August 31, 2006  
Latest law news

Magistrate says the government’s conduct in the Jack Thomas case is farcical … Bunter on the back foot over WMDs and AWB … The Mensch in more strife over tattered CV … US Navy lawyer charged with releasing names of Guantanamo prisoners … Crime rates mostly stable in NSW, except robberies with guns were up dramatically ... more

News Of The World    August 29, 2006  
Tuesday's law news

The Thomas case fills the tissues. Lex Lasry, Filthy Phil, Media Watch, Chris Merritt and editorial writers all have plenty to say … Also read the interim control order from federal magistrate Mowbray … The Mensch pleads guilty to parking offence at Bondi Junction ... more

Bar Talk    August 29, 2006  
Seekers of silk

The 2006 applicants for silk in NSW. One hundred and twenty eight seek the nylon gown, of which 63 percent are repeat offenders. Plenty of reading pleasure with the full list ... more

News Of The World    August 28, 2006  
Monday's law news

Gunns’ third statement of claim struck out … Diploma mill uni has no record of The Mensch’s PhD … DPP looking at Vizard perjury charge … Battle between political and military lawyers in the US over new Guantanamo trial process … Abu Ghraib closed ... more

News Of The World    August 25, 2006  
Latest law news

Demented shock shock jock thrashed with a feather … The Mensch loses his solicitor and another alibi … Slater & Gordon drop smoking client as being too great a financial risk … Our Schapelle’s final Bali appeal … Amnesty accuses Israel of war crimes … Judge reserves on releasing Bob Carr diaries ... more

Theodora    August 24, 2006  
Goings on ...

The Mensch, the solicitor, the $500 a pop hooker and the documents … Tasmanian judge lost in tropics … Cunneen verdict from Bureau de Spank ... The file has vanished – handy new defence in misconduct cases … Latest from Libel-Land: Sunday too far away and Hore-Lacy needs a judge ... more

Polly Peck    August 24, 2006  
Capital Offences

The attorney general is more worried about the fountain clock at Westfield Hornsby than he is about David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay … Polly Peck tracks another breathtaking week for the attorney general and his shadow ... more

Evan Whitton    August 23, 2006  
Poltroonery - political and judicial

What is being done about wrongful convictions and other perversions? Nothing much – but a decent Criminal Cases Review Commission would be a good start ... more

News Of The World    August 23, 2006  
Latest law news

Australia’s first home spun terrorist gets 20 years … US judge mauls tobacco company lawyers in RICO judgment … More on the hooker sifting through the garbage of the Mench’s solicitor … Hoges and Strop’s undeclared $40 million offshore ... more

Tulkinghorn    August 23, 2006  
Lawyers' pro bono sincerity queried

Tulkinghorn explains how pro bono work benefits everyone – particularly lawyers. Forget the publico, the bono is booming ... more

News Of The World    August 21, 2006  
Latest law news

Four years jail for penis pumping judge … Hysterical reaction from Murdoch hacks over quashing of Jack Thomas conviction … Ex-BHP executives face jail if they don’t give evidence to OK Cole … John Karr was a patient at a Thai transgender clinic ... more

News Of The World    August 18, 2006  
Latest law news

Tobacco companies found to have violated racketeering laws. Court orders lies and deceptions to be corrected … Phil Ruddock frothing about Hicks … US Federal Court says warrantless eavesdropping is unconstitutional … Did John Mark Karr really murder the Ramsay tot or is he an attention seeking freak? ... more

News Of The World    August 16, 2006  
Latest law news

\$US400,000 damages to lawyer for Starbucks coffee spill to be reduced … Nauru appeals to Australia to help mentally ill refugee held for five years … Private schools breach Trade Practices Act by making extravagant claims … Smiler thanks pro bono asylum lawyers ... more

News Of The World    August 15, 2006  
Latest law news

Pressure building within Coalition to repatriate Hicks … Fabulous Phil making weird noises … More unsettling news about The Mensch … English bobbies want to be able to clip yobs around the ears ... more

News Of The World    August 14, 2006  
Latest law news

Mick Kelpie anxious about “bomb babies” on airplanes … Contempt warnings over UK terror reporting … Hicks could spend seven years at Guantanamo before he’s tried, says Mori … NSW wheels out new laws to fight gangs … Einfeld’s latest attempt to produce the speeding driver fizzes … News of the Screws to appeal “perverse” jury verdict in Sheridan libel case ... more

Judges    August 11, 2006  
The Mensch

Marcus Einfeld is handling his present troubles with the same panache he has handled all the annoying and inconsequential accusations thrown at him over the years. If he has a tiny tendency to being a bit pleased with himself, you’ve got to remember he is a national living treasure ... more

Evan Whitton    August 11, 2006  
Sunday night at the Whittons

Bleak House is a drama, a soapie, a satire and a celebration of the adversary system. A century and a half after Charles Dickens’ blockbuster, the system it pilloried is still travelling quite nicely, thank you ... more

Tulkinghorn    August 9, 2006  
Judges working hard to expand litigation funding horizons

Tulkinghorn is full of admiration for the work of Justice Paddy Bergin who single-handedly has cleaned the moths out of the wallet of directors’ indemnity policies and allowed them to be used by captains of industry to bring defamation cases. New law and exciting new possibilities. At this rate someone is likely to shoot Tulkinghorn ... more

Barry Lane    August 9, 2006  
Re-assessing the contributory negligence caper

Despite the High Court’s lecture about appeal judges fiddling with jury apportionments for contributory negligence, the Victorian landscape is littered with the Court of Appeal’s handiwork at improving jurors’ thinking ... more

News Of The World    August 7, 2006  
Latest law news

Furore over Tommy Sheridan’s £200,000 libel win against the Screws ... Ex-wife gets £48 million in Britain’s biggest divorce award … John Roberts CJ has been working on a Styrofoam model of the planet Neptune ... more

Polly Peck    August 6, 2006  
Capital Offences

Fabulous Phil says you could get 25 years for making “reckless” donations to Hezbollah … Fresh crop for the Federal Magistrates Court … Some nourishing insights into shadow AG Lillian Roxon ... more

News Of The World    August 4, 2006  
Latest law news

Desperate efforts by Washington to redefine “war crimes” ... Liberal Party pal found cosy ANZ job for Mrs Costello … NRMA directors’ indemnity policy to cover Nicholas Whitlam’s defamation costs … Tommy Sheridan sex, drugs and rock n’roll defo case wraps up … Light case load at the Court of Chivalry ... more

Court in the Act    August 4, 2006  
Something rotten in the state of WA

The ABC’s Australian Story ran a wonderful series about the latest instance of questionable criminal justice in Western Australia. Police, prosecution and appellate conduct in the wild west has a disturbingly rotten record. Ginger Snatch reports ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    August 3, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

New US ambassador to Australia misled Senate about tobacco case … White House dreams up a freshly flawed plan for Guantanamo trials … Senate Judiciary Committee busy as Bush administration seeks to “shield” itself from war crimes … Latest news on Hicks’ habeas case ... more

Barry Lane    August 3, 2006  
A question of characterisation

Barry Lane examines the entrails of the High Court’s thinking in the Citilink and Geoff Clark cases and wonders how some curious “characterisations” were conjured ... more

News Of The World    August 2, 2006  
Latest law news

Tax lawyer bills clients \$US30,000 for private calls … Home detention laws in Britain struck down by court of appeal … Damages of £817,000 against Deutsche Bank after female workers bullied a colleague … QC punched by client … Sydney court told that accused sliced off the penis of his wife’s lover ... more

News Of The World    July 31, 2006  
Latest law news

Suspicion that Los Angeles cops gave Mel preferential treatment … Family judges in England take a leaf from Australia’s book … Lord Chancellor proposes to water down FOI law … Taste monitor Phil Ruddock wants the authority of the Lord Chamberlain ... more

News Of The World    July 28, 2006  
Latest law news

Melbourne celebrity lawyer blames his ex-wife for tax allegations … Bilal Skaf resentenced … More women appointed silk under new English rules … Law Society questions the utility of QCs … The story of the penis pumping judge (he also shaved his testicles in court) ... Legality of Iraq war reopened ... more

Tulkinghorn    July 26, 2006  
High Court warms lawyers with frozen loot

Proceeds of crime. Regardless of what parliament thinks, the High Court says that lawyers should be able to get their hands on the alleged proceeds of crime because legal representation not only benefits adversarial litigation but “the state and the public” ... more

News Of The World    July 26, 2006  
Latest law news

Attorneys General to look at banning “turkey slapping” on TV … White House puts forward new Guantanamo trial legislation … ABA says Bush is violating the Constitution … Divorce battle costs husband the estate his family has occupied since Henry V … NSW jurors should have a say in sentencing … Queensland coppers charged over sex-for-ciggies scandal ... more

Polly Peck    July 25, 2006  
Capital Offences

Whacko-The-Diddle. Fabulous Phil Ruddock is back from his winter tour of south-east Asia. He put on his “lovable Phil” routine for ABC viewers, then it was back to Mr Scary as he birched the ACT territory government for going soft on 16-year old terror suspects ... more

Evan Whitton    July 25, 2006  
Cheney's lawyer

The same grease-ball lawyer who put forward the flawed advice on limitless US presidential power also provided colourable legal opinions to the Republicans on the Iran-Contra scandal. Is it any wonder that David Addington encapsulates a few unattractive things about the law bizzo? ... more

Harold Skimpole    July 24, 2006  
London Calling

Judges absolutely “seething” over attacks from pollies and Rupie’s rags about “soft sentencing” ... Gobbledygook far from defeated in early shots of the Plain English war … Appeal judge’s withering put down of intemperate barrister ... more

News Of The World    July 24, 2006  
Latest law news

Now it’s the ACT’s anti-terrorism laws that Ruddock doesn’t like … Hulls wants Hicks on the SCAG agenda …Experts agree that’s it’s not defamatory to call Alan “Dunny” Jones gay … New US ambassador to Australia misled Congress on tobacco case ... more

Barry Lane    July 20, 2006  
Worker falls into black hole

How must workers injured in the “black hole” period feel as they gaze upon “their” damages being awarded to the WorkCover Authority? ... And why hasn’t Little Johnnie applauded Justice Allsop riding to the rescue of small liquor retailers? Barry Lane in Melbourne poses some pressing questions ... more

Sir Terence O'Rort    July 20, 2006  
Blood on the bloodlines

Upheaval as the Queensland bar reaffirms its policy that outsiders should not pinch the plum jobs. Lyons quits as president after supporting his wife’s appointment to the Supreme Court. How dreadful is that? Sir Terence O’Rort analyses the situation ... more

News Of The World    July 19, 2006  
Latest law links

Cole Commission thrown off beat as Federal Court determines AWB privilege … Jodee Rich finishes 19 days of cross-examination … Britain’s judges not out of touch as many push trolleys around supermarkets … WA wants costs from Warren Anderson ... more

Sir Terence O'Rort    July 18, 2006  
Bloodlines on the bench

Queensland bar president Peter Lyons stands by his judge and issues a scathing rebuke of the association’s vice-president, Martin Daubney. Bar n’ Grill in uproar over judicial appointments and “inexcusable” remarks ... more

News Of The World    July 17, 2006  
Latest law links

Blakes, Minties and Arnie Bloch deny any part in an AWB cover-up … Queensland juries need an indigenous quota … Legal aid reforms in England will shift fees away from fat-cat QCs … Public liability payouts are slower when lawyers are involved ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    July 17, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

The Bush administration’s manoeuvring to thwart the intention of the US Supreme Court on Guantanamo detainees. A footnote in the Hamdan decision has been moved to centre stage. Roger Fitch lays out the breathtaking extent of the injustice in David Hicks’ case ... more

News Of The World    July 14, 2006  
Friday's law links

Turd Blossom and Vice sued by Valerie Plame for ruining her CIA career … Was Dollar Pete the source of the Poisoned Dwarf’s scoop about the Liberal leadership pact? ... Conrad Black asked, “Where’s your income”? ... French lawyer to challenge the World Cup result in court ... more

Theodora    July 13, 2006  
Goings on ...

Why should prosecutor Patrick Power’s cases be investigated? ... Bastardy in publishing photo of accused’s home … Pammy Sackville and the brown-nose brownies … NRMA squabbles resurface in court ... more

Barry Lane    July 13, 2006  
Palely loitering silks and their tax bills

It seems that the incidence of income tax is causing grave bouts of ill-health and mental confusion at inner Victorian Bar & Lounge ... more

News Of The World    July 12, 2006  
Latest law links

Pentagon now says it will follow Geneva Conventions for Guantanamo prisoners, but insists it always has … Gangland ruled out in murder of Melbourne solicitor … Scottish politician accused in defamation case of having an affair with News of the World sex columnist … NatWest bankers extradition tests trans-Atlantic relations ... more

Tulkinghorn    July 11, 2006  
WorkChoices "smoke and mirrors"

Judges get a lot of room to move in the WorkChoices legislation. One way around the problem would be for the government to appoint judges who are in tune with the party line. Yet Tulkinghorn thinks that it would be most unlikely for inexperienced ministerial advisers to be appointed to multi-jurisdictional courts. ... more

Evan Whitton    July 11, 2006  
Four Quartets of The One Percent Doctrine

Legal academics teach what the law “is” and not where it came from and what’s wrong with it. If a mug reporter can find out, why can’t they? ... more

News Of The World    July 10, 2006  
Latest law links

Innuendo rampant in Smellograph’s Patrick Powers reporting … NSW District Court judge’s associate quits over internet porn allegation … US Congress befuddled on how terrorist suspects should be tried … Indonesian judges fingered for trousering bribes ... more

Polly Peck    July 10, 2006  
Capital Offences

We’ve had to endure a Ray “Slaughterhouse” Hadley “interview” with the little PM while Alan Dunny Jones was at Wimbledon. Come back Dunny all is forgiven … And what’s the point of setting up a whole new court if you can’t appoint political hacks with minimal legal experience? ... more

News Of The World    July 7, 2006  
Latest law links

Senior NSW prosecutor charged with possessing kiddie porn … South Australian CJ says politicians should take criticism from judges on the chin … In England relations between the judges and the government are poisonous … Judiciary needs to stand up for itself, says David Pannick … Trouble for planned eBay sale of Lindy Chamberlain jury notes ... more

News Of The World    July 5, 2006  
Latest law links

Defamation news: NSW Treasurer to sue over talkback claims by prostitute and Big Brother evictees may sue over assault allegations … Melbourne lawyer and deputy lord mayor in the centre of love triangle art sale storm … Radio personality announces that Alan “Dunny” Jones is gay … Bush’s detention and torture lawyer bitter about US Supreme Court decision ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    July 4, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

Not only are the military commissions struck down by the US Supreme Court’s Hamdan decision, but the ruling extends to the whole suite of illegalities instituted by the Bush brigade – interrogation, torture, CIA black sites and rendition. The courts are open again for the 300 or so detainees with habeas petitions. A triumph for the rule of law ... more

News Of The World    July 3, 2006  
Latest law links

ABA says Liberal Party hack inappropriate for appointment as federal magistrate … Justice Rares “open justice” approach in Nine case … Plenty of fallout from US Supreme Court Guantanamo decision … Roberts CJ not quite in control of his court … UK watchdog for detained terrorist suspects ... more

City Desk    June 30, 2006  
Nine wants Fairfax sources

The Age published in Victoria the Llewellyn affidavit suppressed on Channel Nine’s application in New South Wales. Now Nine wants to know how the Melbourne newspaper came to publish the juicy affidavit, who was responsible and who was the source. When will all the fun stop? ... more

City Desk    June 30, 2006  
Smelly Sydney

Packer consigliere John Alexander orders TV news story attacking Kerry Stokes and then demands reinstatement of the journalist he favoured to produce the attack on the Channel Seven chairman ... more

News Of The World    June 30, 2006  
Latest law links

Acute embarrassment for Bush and Howard after the US Supreme Court finds that the military commission trials do not comply witgh US and international law … Plenty of commentary about the US Supreme Court decision and judgment in full … Little Johnnie says he was wrongly advised that the military commissions were lawful ... more

News Of The World    June 29, 2006  
Latest law links

The ineffectiveness of court suppression orders in the internet age … Channel Nine appears to be an ugly place under Awful Eddie … Hicks sacrificed for political expediency … NSW to challenge ATO ruling on James Hardie … Legislation to ban flag burning defeated in the US Senate … Naomi Campbell wore a black mandarin collared dress when charged with assaulting her maid ... more

Polly Peck    June 27, 2006  
Capital Offences

Fabulous Phil Ruddock chalks-up the travel expenses … Terry Higgins CJ lets fly on human rights … “Mate for Magistrate” outrage … Pelly from Helly signs on as a government flack man ... more

Tulkinghorn    June 27, 2006  
Ethics = Whatever's good for business

The “ethics” of fee contracts: the claims harvesters were seen off the field, now the litigation funders have arrived ... more

News Of The World    June 26, 2006  
Latest law links

Ruling on legality of Hicks’ “trial” imminent … Blair attacks the legal establishment … Saddam thinks the way to fix Iraq is for the US to install him as president … Judges say that new business structures for lawyers won’t improve legal services ... more

Evan Whitton    June 26, 2006  
The birdshit precedent

Superabundant discovery was given a huge leg-up by the Peruvian Guano case (1882). Ever since, despite the best efforts of some gallant litigation reformers, seabird excreta has been plopping on the heads of millions of clients ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    June 24, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

The US still hasn’t worked out the proper way to treat and try “terrorist detainees”. Legal opinions abound and in the meantime the reputation of Americans as good and fair people is badly damaged ... more

News Of The World    June 23, 2006  
Latest law links

Jessop, Middleton and Tracey to the Federal Court, plus new appointments to the family and federal magistrates’ benches … Calls to Hot Gozzip Chat Service snare Minties’ man … Cockatoo Cooper gets eight years max … Death of prominent Auckland QC still not entirely explained … Barristers and judges in England have undermined rape trial reform ... more

News Of The World    June 21, 2006  
Latest law links

After 103 days of the Sea King inquiry Captain Slattery thinks board members should walk the plank … Victorian government spending-up on outside lawyers … Penis pump judge fights porno charges on constitutional grounds ... more

News Of The World    June 19, 2006  
Latest law links

Clutz wins the money stakes for government work … One.Tel case: Jodee Rick reveals the stressful side of life with the Packers … Hong Kong barrister from Queensland gets two and a half years in the clink … Michael Mori says he’ll go to Cuba to swear-in David Hicks as a Brit … Marsden’s bequests from $10 million estate … BAT still fighting to keep incriminating documents out of court ... more

News Of The World    June 15, 2006  
Latest law links

Hicks being wonderfully treated at Guantanamo Bay, according to unidentified “reports” ... British Foreign Office to take over Hicks’ citizenship case from the Home Office … Judge says its up to the Archibald trustees to decide about art … Turd Blossom may have misled everyone else about the Plame leak, but he told the truth to the FBI ... more

News Of The World    June 14, 2006  
Latest law links

Turd Blossom off the hook … News of the Screws stands by its Heather Mills hooker stories … The Sun says “sack softie judge” ... Violent crime increases in the US of A … Abu Baker Bashir leaves Jakarta clink … The trouble with ASIC’s OneTel case ... more

Evan Whitton    June 14, 2006  
Marathon Man

Atticus Finch persuaded hordes of young idealists as to the nobility of adversarial lawyering, including Ronnie Sackville – but nobility can be an impediment … Plus, a little something for the NSW Law Society’s Pauline Wright to ponder ... more

Tulkinghorn    June 14, 2006  
The economics of litigation

The judges can control both the base amount of litigation and its velocity. A deft hand is required to prevent the insurance barbarians getting another big bite. Yet recent studies and findings on the state of personal injury litigation didn’t look at the velocity of the business ... more

News Of The World    June 13, 2006  
Latest law links

Backbench revolt over nasty asylum laws … Hulls wants to send Victorian judges away for re-education … Bush administration says warrantless spying on citizens is legal – but to prove that would be a breach of state secrets … Some lethal injections for death row prisoners are not constitutional, others are ... more

Court in the Act    June 9, 2006  
Errors of judgment

The Andrew Mallard case is a blight on the Western Australian “justice” system. After 12-years in jail the High Court ultimately saw what was going on: the coppers had set-up the accused. The WA appeal judges failed to see it. Five senior WA police officers have been stood down, including two assistant commissioners. The crime commission is investigating and so is Miss Ginger Snatch ... more

News Of The World    June 9, 2006  
Latest law links

Ruddock and Howard know nothing about Hicks being tortured … Zarah Garde-Wilson in tears … First conviction in Melbourne for owning sex slaves … “Tobacco Bob” McCallum gets the all-clear in Washington … Election year bone for US evangelicals is doomed … Enormous costs paid to Bank of England after failed litigation ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    June 8, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

When the Bush people are not illegally eavesdropping on citizens, they’re seeking to cover their misdeeds by pleading the “secret state” defence. “Jail to the Chief” is the current chant in Washington ... more

News Of The World    June 7, 2006  
Latest law links

ACT digging in its heels over gay weddings … CJ of South Australia says the courts are the meat in the sandwich when it comes to improving criminal justice … Nino snaps at Scalito … FBI getting tough on journalists’ secrets … Milberg Weiss – fee graspers extraordinaire ... more

News Of The World    June 5, 2006  
Latest law links

Baker & McKenzie advised that the Snowy sale was legally fraught … Much gnashing of teeth at Marsden’s brass band funeral … ABA to investigate whether Bush has exceeded his constitutional authority … “Document retention” returns to haunt BAT and its lawyers … Alberto Gonzales lining-up more journalists for the clink ... more

On the Couch    June 5, 2006  
Ronald Sackville

Feed the man matzo dumpling soup (as long as the dumplings are firm and soft at the same time) and you’ll discover that Justice Ronald Sackville is really patient and gentle. The head of the Judicial Conference of Australia is lying On The Couch right now ... more

Polly Peck    June 2, 2006  
Capital Offences

Poor Polly. She was stuck at a meeting of the Samuel Griffith Society where they all went nutso over Harry Gibbs. War stories from Kirbs, Frosty and Jacko ... more

News Of The World    June 2, 2006  
Latest law links

Lawyers to challenge Ruddock’s security laws … Next US ambassador to Australia under investigation in Washington … The extraordinary life and times of the Da Vinci Code judge … Victoria tightening-up on “document retention” ... Tort reform was not the way to fix the insurance crisis ... more

News Of The World    May 31, 2006  
Latest law links

AWB going down fighting over privilege … BAT lost its privilege when it destroyed evidence under the “document retention policy” ... Sackville despairs over the C7 case … Other lawyers think they could have got Kenny Boy off … NZ Supreme Court supremely unproductive ... more

Evan Whitton    May 31, 2006  
Explicating the inwardness

Little Johnnie Howard, immersed in failure, is sticking with the “Glutei Defence” ... Don’t forget, it was Barwick who made the tax system complicated and unfair … And please don’t ask about the ingredients of the Marsden Salad, with its unique dressing ... more

Tulkinghorn    May 31, 2006  
Legal fees explained

By and large the panel of experts examining legal fees has done a sterling job. The members were divided on all the critical issues and so the recommendations can safely be ignored. Two years of painstaking work has paid off ... more

News Of The World    May 29, 2006  
Latest law links

The term “sedition” should be removed from the statute books says ALRC … Milberg Weiss partners race for the door … Sullivan & Cromwell accused of cheating asbestos victims … “Lord” Black caught-up in cash for peerages caper … Marsden’s (tacky) funeral arrangements ... more

On the Couch    May 29, 2006  
David Weisbrot

Just after putting the finishing touches to the sedition discussion paper David Weisbrot passed out on Justinian’s couch. A man whose underwear is alert but not alarmed and who finds it difficult to describe his most glamorous feature is ideally suited to run the nation’s premier law reform agency ... more

News Of The World    May 26, 2006  
Latest law links

Ostrich defence fails in Enron case … Vice may have to give evidence at Scooter’s trial … British AG required to give reasons why he changed his legal opinion on Iraq … Marsden pressured journalist to subvert court’s suppression order … Big shake-up for legal market in England ... more

Darwin    May 26, 2006  
Letter from Darwin

Buffalo Bruce despairs at the hopeless political response to the troubled Aboriginal communities … Beaks break ranks as they disagree on the exposure of female flesh in court … Mildren J apologises to jury for off the cuff remark … Government forks-up costs for Warren Anderson and Lt Colonel Burke ... more

News Of The World    May 24, 2006  
Latest law links

Keating jnr amazed at the fuss over his assault charge … Brizzy solicitor jailed for document tampering … Milberg Weiss didn’t waive privilege, so the entire firm was indicted … Kirbster says Guantanamo is a legal black hole … Huge funeral for Marsden to be held a fortnight after he died ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    May 23, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

News from Guantanamo Bay: Bush and Howard sending mixed messages about the prison’s future … Most of the charges faced by “terror suspects” are unknown in war law … It was Slick Willie who breathed fresh life into the Cuban detention misadventure … Administration’s spin on a model penal settlement … And US spying technology offered to the Chinese ... more

News Of The World    May 22, 2006  
Latest law links

Marsden – liar, perjurer, drug supplier, etc … Ruddock not rushing to tinker with sedition laws … Newly trained Iraqi police on the job – killing their enemies … Governments that don’t pay ransoms have paid \$US45 million paid to get hostages out of Iraq ... more

On the Couch    May 22, 2006  
Clive Evatt

Sydney defamation barrister and scourge of the media Clive Evatt takes to the couch and tells us what drives his relentless endeavours … it’s all to do with those sainted relatives ... more

News Of The World    May 19, 2006  
Latest law links

Big FOI case gets a bumpy hearing in the High Court … Panegyrics for Marsden … BATAS lawyers still fighting the “document retention” war … “Fugitive” judge from Zimbabwe granted refugee status by NZ … Prominent US class action firm charged with perjury, bribery and fraud ... more

News Of The World    May 18, 2006  
Latest law links

Marsden dead … High Court pronounces on immunity of independent contractors from liability and gives Queensland coppers and wards of the state more time to sue … Bush says he is and he isn’t eavesdropping on his fellow Americans – it just depends British judges up in arms over Blair’s attack over a deportation decision ... more

Theodora    May 17, 2006  
Goings on ...

The problem of enforced conviviality at the NSW bar … Judge Judy once again finds she’s not biased against Steven Archer … Martin Bryant’s solicitor missing in action … Recent sightings of legal luminaries … Former CJ in cat fight ... more

Callinan Diaries    May 17, 2006  
The Secret Diaries of I.D.F. Callinan AC

Justice Callinan has had his hands full with the challenge to the government’s industrial laws and the wrongful life cases. In both instances he has taken a leading role, nonetheless this has not stopped him penning further instalments of his tell-it-as-it-is diary and another chapter of his latest novel, The Cannelloni Conspiracy ... more

Evan Whitton    May 15, 2006  
The ostrich instruction

The jury is instructed about Kenny Boy Lay’s “ostrich” defence in the Enton fraud case. It’s a pity that O.K Cole can’t instruct himself about the “deliberate ignorance” employed by government ministers to defend themselves in the AWB bribes inquiry ... more

News Of The World    May 15, 2006  
Latest law links

Ron Merkel leaves the bench with a spray about executive power … Spiggsy’s sentencing remarks still drawing political fire ... more

News Of The World    May 12, 2006  
Latest law links

Spiggsy CJ gives the Laura Norda mob a whack … Prez of the NSW Grill wants more bonding among barristers … Little Johnnie concerned at delay in finding Hicks guilty … Harvard study says 40 percent of medical malpractice suits are groundless … Armless NZ man booked for speeding ... more

Polly Peck    May 12, 2006  
Capital Offences

There’s lots more loot for spying, counter terrorism, getting family relationships back on track, cartel busting, private law firms and federal courts … plus a few miserable shekels for the legal aid brigade. Follow Polly’s detailed breakdown of the attorney general’s budget allocations ... more

On the Couch    May 12, 2006  
David Levine

Retired NSW defamation list judge David Levine climbs onto the couch, shuts his eyes and free-associates about bibliomania, gefilte fish and Debbie Does Dallas ... more

Sir Terence O'Rort    May 11, 2006  
Crazed Rhino shot

That adornment to the Brisbane legal caper Mick “Rhino” Baker failed to impress the Queensland Court of Appeal. The expulsion of the old brute from the herd has been upheld. O’Rort reports ... more

News Of The World    May 10, 2006  
Latest law links

Bush appellate court nominee downgraded by ABA … Roman Catholic Church in US racks up \$US1.5 billion in legal costs defending the clergy … “Magic circle” divorce lawyers in London give insights into their grim trade … US using torture evidence against accused terrorist ... more

News Of The World    May 9, 2006  
Tuesday's law links

High Court turns down wrongful life appeal … Canberra to “own” the constitiution if it wins IR case … Outcry over NSW CCA overturning cop killer murder conviction … Release of serious foreign criminals in Britain worse than originally thought … Lord Goldsmith says Guantanamo should be closed … Ruddock should be stripped of terrorism powers ... more

Barry Lane    May 8, 2006  
Sue, Weave & Duck

Another in our series of inspirational solicitors. This one litigates till he drops … or has his ticket cancelled. Barry Lane uncovers a high-flyer from the school of deviousness, delay and obfuscation ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    May 8, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

With alarming frequency the Bush administration is claiming “secret state” status to close the courts in proceedings that are potentially embarrassing. Meanwhile, two cases challenging the president’s warrantless eavesdropping have been helped by some well-placed whistleblowing ... more

News Of The World    May 5, 2006  
Latest law links

Jack Straw under no obligation to assist British residents kept at Guantanamo … Moussaoui will die in prison with a “whimper” ... Gordon Wood out for coffee with Mum on $100,000 bail … WorkChoice submissions “sloppy” says Kenny Hayne … Norman Lamont collects a couple of grovels … CIA rendition flights through Europe are damaging relations ... more

Polly Peck    May 3, 2006  
Capital Offences

Come with Polly as she takes us behind the scenes to peek at what AG Phabulous Phil Ruddock has been up to: securing our food chain, protecting mass gatherings, wheeling out an ID card, enthusing about copyright and keeping our marriages on the straight and narrow. Phabulous Phil, the political polymath ... more

Evan Whitton    May 3, 2006  
The Lindberg Question

OK Cole is desperately in need of assistance from the expert on Royal Commissions. Jackie Howard, Maida Vaile and Bunter Downer all used variations of the Ostrich Defence. They need to be dragged back and asked the Lindberg Question ... more

News Of The World    May 3, 2006  
Latest law links

Anna Nicole still in the race for the squillions … Kenny Boy Lay points the finger at everyone else … Toyota employee in the US wants \$US190 million for sexual harassment by the CEO … Gordon Wood flies home with the SMH ... more

Court in the Act    May 2, 2006  
Bring in the B-class cabinets

There’s noting quite as wonderful as being leaked a letter about how the courts are supposed to keep under lock and key the nation’s priceless secrets ... more

News Of The World    May 1, 2006  
Latest law links

Hoots galore at the White House Correspondents Dinner … Dick Tracey cleared AWB with “misgivings” ... Plenty of corporate junkets for US federal judges… Bush administration exploring fresh ways to prosecute journalists ... more

Evan Whitton    May 1, 2006  
Two ways to deal with crims

For 27 years Evan snoozed in the Toowoomba courthouse before it occurred to him to ask why the alleged justice system is so weird ... more

News Of The World    April 28, 2006  
Latest law links

Ol King Cole says he’s not influenced by Little Johnnie … No contempt charges for Heliotis QC … Bali Nine appeal upset … Nino Scalia’s weird behaviour … Daily Mail pays damages to Sharon Stone … Judge Judy, number one TV court show ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    April 26, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

Roger Fitch gives his recommendations for the best and brightest of the law news and blog sites in the US of A. There are endless amusements and distractions to be had and Fitch lights the pathway ... more

News Of The World    April 26, 2006  
Latest law links

One third of prisoners currently at Guantanamo are to be released as they are not a threat to the US … Big squeeze on civil legal aid upsets British judges … Latham fails to front on scuffle and theft charges … Sacked CIA officer did not leak torture prisons story … Lesbian judge in trouble for not declaring donation from girlfriend ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    April 26, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

War crime tom-toms get louder, advising Rummy to stay home … The Washington Post far too cuddly with the Bush Brigade … Sacked CIA leaker for Pulitzer prize winning story denies she is the source ... more

News Of The World    April 24, 2006  
Latest law links

Blair government insists its law n’ order measures are good for everyone and civil liberties’ types are “out of touch” ... Plenty of charges to be had in the cash-for-peerages rort … High Court review of crime commission’s powers puts tax probe on hold … Justice Rod Madgwick in strife over in NZ … Indian judges no longer to be referred to as “Your Lordship” ... more

News Of The World    April 21, 2006  
Latest law links

Gordon Wood on his way back to Sydney for exciting murder trial … Constitutional monarchy headed for the rocks as old Queeny turns 80 … Deacons planning a national media law practice … Lady Colin Campbell is a woman and not an ex-man – Spectator pays up and grovels … Fallout from the farcical BCCI case … Knives are out for White House counsel ... more

Polly Peck    April 19, 2006  
Capital Offences

Canberra CJ’s ire over Uncle Bob Debus’ contempt … Much song and dance over Family Relationship Centres – which are useless … SCAG goes limp in Darwin … Meet the ACT’s new boy wonder Attorney General ... more

Evan Whitton    April 18, 2006  
The Wink

Law firms who helped draft Kevvy Andrews IR laws now want to litigate them … How “the wink” works for cartellists and, in all likelihood, for Jackie Howard ... more

Theodora    April 13, 2006  
About Town

Da Mystery of Da Vinci Code case … Larry Adler Dinner fails to sparkle … Lend the Bar n’ Grill your ears … A slice of history from the “Uglies” ... Queensland’s fearful Bureau de Spank ... more

News Of The World    April 13, 2006  
Latest law links

Hicks one step closer to being British … Little Johnnie didn’t read cables about rotten AWB … Sexual consent being reworked … Family Law Centres are a waste of $200 million … Pig’s Arse late with his tax return ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    April 12, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

As the Bush brigade blunders on, the courts are left with the task of trying to handle the administration’s assaults on the Constitution. In the process Nino gets more and more impish ... more

News Of The World    April 10, 2006  
Today's law links

Attorneys General to modify advocates’ immunity … Little Johnnie is “very, very happy” to give Cole a statement … Marsdens to represent Gordon Wood … Snedden family brawl over Lady Joy’s will … After 41-years service, nasty, fat, law firm sacks devoted mailroom messenger … Murdoch reptile tells shake-down victim, “We know how to destroy people” ... more

News Of The World    April 7, 2006  
Latest law links

Cole reveals Bunter Downer was PR man for AWB … Bush authorised Scooter Libby leaks … Former senatorial aide faces privacy suit over blogging her sex life in excruciating detail … Victoria tries to keep Christians happy by watering down its religious vilification laws … Meet the world’s most senior judge ... more

Barry Lane    April 5, 2006  
The Labours of Hercules

The litigation caper at its most distracting. Lots of time consuming and unmeritorious interlocutory applications, inappropriate behaviour by the solicitor defendant, intemperate letters, unpleasant threats, unfounded accusations, delays caused by a shortage of judges and masters. On and on it goes. And it’s all over a racehorse ... more

News Of The World    April 5, 2006  
Latest law links

NSW Bar n’ Grill puts forward a three point plan on majority verdict law … Lots of lurid pre-trial coverage of Gordon Wood … Wayne Martin the new CJ of WA … John Agius makes a pile from federal inquiries … British silks write to the press about Gunns’ case … Confusion over trial procedure for Guantanamo … US Supreme Court ducks its duty ... more

News Of The World    April 3, 2006  
Latest law links

ASIC to provide moral instruction to investment bankers … Federal Magistrate Rimmer says it was a dose of hypothyroidism that brought on the plagiarism … Little Johnnie says he’s not anti-gay … AFP interview with Jihad Jack improperly admitted at trial … At last, an actual photo of Nino Scalia’s “offensive gesture” ... more

Polly Peck    April 3, 2006  
Capital Offences

Polly Peck picks over some of the morsels from last week’s sitting of federal parliament … Fabulous Phil’s up to his groin in traditional family values … Government rushes through interception legislation and then promises to review it … Lawyers win some concessions in ASIO amendments … Government not spending enough on legal fees ... more

Evan Whitton    April 3, 2006  
The Stuffed Man

The public’s verdict on OK Cole is unlikely to be kind … Peter Livesey should be let back into the fold … Rorting the market for gongs … Bert Wainer doco ... more

News Of The World    March 31, 2006  
Latest law links

Insider trading alleged against Citigroup … “Silver Tray” slots vanished Mockbel … Premier Bracks gives political support to copper’s swipe about the justice system … Sugar Ray lawyer has to repay $120,000 … Swiss deliver the cheese for Operation Wickenby … Six months US trial in chaos ofter two jurors are sent packing ... more

News Of The World    March 30, 2006  
Today's law links

Federal magistrate Rimmer caught in another “isolated incident” of copy-catism … Ruddock plans to spoil the ACT’s gay “marriage” party … Victoria’s judges overworked and “unsafe” ... Enormous legal artillery lined-up against US government in Hamdan case … Faris froths about Bugg ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    March 29, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

From Afghanistan to Cuba: David Hicks’ long and winding road and not much of it very scenic. The story of how the Bushies, with Australian compliance, manipulated, distorted and suspended the laws of war ... more

News Of The World    March 28, 2006  
Today's law links

Nino Scalia tells a Swiss audience that Guantanamo detainees do not have the right to civil jury trials – but isn’t that the issue that he is trying on the Supreme Court? ... Scalia makes “Sicilian” gesture to reporter … Zacarias Moussaoui takes the stand and contradicts himself … Gay “civil unions” for the ACT … US law firms seek to snag polished players at the high court bar ... more

News Of The World    March 27, 2006  
Latest law links

After 22 years off the jam roll Peter Livesey wants to rejoin the NSW bar … Miami dancer sues after being dismissed because her breasts got too big for her costumes … Peter Young CJ in Eq complains about the “unwelcome display of bare [female] flesh” in his court … Eddie McGuire gets his lawyer mate at the AFL appointed No.2 at Nine … Samsung executives jailed in the US for price fixing ... more

Barry Lane    March 24, 2006  
Choose your arsenic

I warned everyone about the perils of too much choice in the workplace. As employees “choose” to become independent contractors they should contemplate the pitfalls of all this freedom and the way their tiny operations can get mashed in the courts by corporate behemoths ... more

News Of The World    March 24, 2006  
Latest law links

Legal aid commission in Britain wants its money back … Suing to induce settlement is not an abuse of process … Why US military trials stop at the rank of sergeant … The case of the copycat magistrate … China’s big organ trade … Just like brother Johnnie, Stan Howard gets off the hook ... more

Court in the Act    March 24, 2006  
Rimmer now a glimmer

Chief Federal Magistrate John Pascoe sends scissors and paste artiste off to be re-educated. The Jennifer Rimmer drama sparks changes at the lowest end of the federal stare decisis foodchain ... more

Court in the Act    March 23, 2006  
Ginger Snatch reports ...

Don’t worry too much about commencing worthless litigation in NSW – a reasonable prospect of success can be certified after the event … Western Australian judge expresses “regret” about the delay of a judgment that took her two years to deliver – illness to blame … Clutz partner sinks in titanic battle against the builder of his back-yard swimming pool ... more

News Of The World    March 22, 2006  
Latest law news

Missing billions in Iraq … Belgian shepherd terrorism … London trial of alleged bombers … James Hardie’s $500 million tax bill … Canadian judges less trustworthy than police and lawyers less regarded than journalists … Gun-toting Oklahoma judges … Victorian magistrate’s “inappropriate” handling of court officials’ speeding charges ... more

Harold Skimpole    March 21, 2006  
London Calling

Michael McHugh’s approach to statutory interpretation comes in for a bit of mauling at a London lecture on the Al-Katab decision ... And the best and brightest at the criminal defence bar share their ideas about the nature of forensic elegance ... more

News Of The World    March 20, 2006  
Latest law news

Prince Charles claims victory in stolen diaries fight … The ALRC wants input on sedition law review … Howard government’s huge spend on terrorism propaganda … Women under-represented at the top of the top US law firms … Fabulous fees in the world of M & A … Sex toys a “right” in US … First Amendment should allow lawyers to insult judges ... more

Evan Whitton    March 20, 2006  
The merde is everywhere

What happens when a lawyer gives advice on his mobile while in the gents? ... Plus, war crimes tribunals – a great new earner, even though a failing experiment. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia has chewed-up $1.6 billion partly because there was an attempt to “converge” both the adversarial and pro-truth systems ... more

News Of The World    March 17, 2006  
Latest law news links

US government lawyer stuffs-up 9/11 execution case … Hooker and gang-banger ends-up as a lawyer … Nino still banging-on about “judge-moralists”... International lawyers disparage Australian’s terrorism laws … Lawyers, drugs and money aplenty ... more

News Of The World    March 16, 2006  
Latest law news links

Spitzer sues H&R Block … Lords reject Blair’s ID card scheme, again … publishes Abu Ghraib abuse archive … Google’s internet records to be used in anti-porn war … US judge slams government lawyers in 9/11 case … Police Commissioner secretly recorded conversation with AG … NSW admissions board fights Morrissey’s move to the bar ... more

Darwin    March 15, 2006  
Letter from Darwin

The onslaught of law and toads is upon us … Contenders for chief magistrate’s job line-up in the stalls, with The Duchess looking strong … Despite the screaming, DPP Moneybags Coates has gravitas … Cadaver tells oily Sydney brief to settle … Territory blokes regarded more quizzically since Brokeback Mountain opened at the pictures ... more

News Of The World    March 14, 2006  
Latest law links

“Egregious” witness tampering by prosecution in 9/11 case … Jail sentences for sex offences to be cut by 15 percent in Britain … The price of failing the US bar exams … Washington’s “silent tort reform” ... Another crook from the Bush team … Vanity gets the better of Canadian judge ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    March 14, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

Roger Fitch continues his case-by-case exposure of how the Bush administration is protecting Americans by closing down the nation’s cherished liberties. Recent judicial decisions condone torture and the “secrecy” doctrine, which means W. and Vice can pretty well do whatever they like ... more

Court in the Act    March 10, 2006  
Flattery aside ...

A federal magistrate in Brisbane copies slabs of reasons from a judgment written by a colleague in Melbourne. Is it synchronicity or plagiarism? The federal magistrates have been overworked and are tired, sick, bothered & bewildered. Miss Ginger Snatch investigates ... more

News Of The World    March 10, 2006  
Latest law links

US to close Abu Ghraib … New York Times blog on the HSBC gay bias case … The rise of the Euro lawyer … English prosecutors to be paid success bonuses … Enron CEO got “zero” ... Murdoch attack hound snarling at Victorian judicial appointments … Beckhams settle their libel case against News of the Screws ... NZ child porn lawyer not struck-off ... more

News Of The World    March 8, 2006  
Latest law links

Commissioner Cole to ask Ruddock to clarify inquiry’s terms of reference … Enron trial kicks off … US Supreme Court won’t touch smelly judicial conflicts case … South Dakota agitates Roe v Wade ... Lords vote for voluntary ID cards … Gonzales says he just loves human rights … UK government admits facilitating US rendition ... more

News Of The World    March 6, 2006  
Latest law links

What’s the Cole inquiry doing sitting in Sydney when most of the players are from Melbourne? ... Pentagon releases details of bewildered Guantanamo prisoners … Cannibals’ rights … Writers’ rights … Husband of UK Culture Secretary in deals with shady Italians … Unfair dismissal for gay ogler at HSBC … Nevada lawyer sues state bar for banning his advertisements … Too much emphasis on law enforcement in drug policy, not enough on rehab ... more

Evan Whitton    March 6, 2006  
Cole off-beam on wheaties' privilege claim

Ol King Cole has accepted the wheaties’ claim of privilege. E. Whitton says he is wrong. The time for privilege is when, or if, the AWB boys are up before the courts … The moribund Labor Party should promise to install a Commonwealth ICAC, which would at least harvest the votes of starving lawyers and the alienated ... more

Polly Peck    March 6, 2006  
Capital Offences

The wit of P. Ruddock … Plus the attorney’s busy-beaver sweep through London, Geneva and Turin … Treasurer Smirk wants states to smarten-up on referring corporations’ power … New bankruptcy, family and wire tapping laws … Fresh arrangements for disclosure of government expenditure on lawyers ... more

News Of The World    March 3, 2006  
Latest law links

Judges can be forced out by embarrassment, not coercion … US plaintiff lawyers go high-tech … US Senate votes for more of the Patriot Act ... Footballer sues News of the Screws over gay sex romp story … Australian and US governments settle with detainees … Washington judge questions the treatment of detainees … Sex crimes aplenty … Struck off barrister tries it on ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    March 2, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

The US Department of “Justice” has a disturbing tendency to inflate the charges against its enemies and then rather shamefacedly have to downscale them when the evidence can’t be found. Not only are people charged under the wrong laws, they are being indefinitely detained for the wrong reasons ... more

News Of The World    March 2, 2006  
Latest law links

ALRC asked to review government’s new sedition laws … US lawyers eye off Cuba after Castro … Volvo in Europe’s first class action … Britain rejects “glorifying terrorism” clause … Judges behaving badly in the US … Saddam confronted with execution orders he signed ... more

Court in the Act    March 2, 2006  
Court of Appeal laps it up

Judges getting to grips with saucy dames. The US Supreme Court may have had a deflating effect on Anna Nicole Smith’s allure, however in London the Court of Appeal was utterly skittish over one of the lasses from the Spearmint Rhino club in Tottenham Court Road. Ginger Snatch reports ... more

Polly Peck    February 28, 2006  
Capital Offences

Can Philip Ruddock stop the flow of bright ideas? He’s flat-out launching initiatives to manage emergencies, to keep us safe from terrorism, to clean up what goes on at the cinema and to stamp out family violence. Like his sainted leader, he’s carrying on like an energiser bunny ... more

City Desk    February 28, 2006  
Some priceless privileged moments

The joy of legal professional privilege. AWB’s in-house lawyer Jim Cooper, in giving evidence to the Cole Board, was required to make wafer-thin distinctions depending on how and where he formed his views about matters touching on the shady Tigris deal ... more

News Of The World    February 27, 2006  
Latest law links

First Australian terrorist conviction … More legal horrors for detainees in Afghanistan … Shell must pay \$US1.5 billion for pollution … Da Vinci plagiarism … Cardboard box collusion … Pallaras in the poo over loo … Anthony Mason straightens out the “culture” warriors on terra nullius ... more

Harold Skimpole    February 27, 2006  
London Calling

When newspaper proprietors sue. The Barclays Boys are dragging Rupert’s Thunderer through the French courts – zut alors ... Documents show that law firms are feasting on a government fund for CJD victims … Old laws on display ... more

News Of The World    February 24, 2006  
Latest law links

AWB in-house lawyer says directors denials are false … Huge fuss in Victoria as Bill Ormiston spits the dummy during his retirement speech … Kirbs calls for more women … Job sharing judges in Britain … Slater & Gordon sniffs an opportunity with Westpoint action … Mirvac wins off-the-plan contract case … Successful “lawyers” ply their trade without qualifications ... more

Sir Terence O'Rort    February 23, 2006  
Lord Eldon goes Nuttall

Lord Eldon’s caustic opinion for a former Queensland government minister is the talk of the town. The adjectives flow thick and fast as the great silk compares the relative positions and status of those on the Bar n’ Grill’s pecking order ... more

News Of The World    February 22, 2006  
Law news links

Howard on “Hogan’s Heroes” ... Dead judges given casting vote … Terrorism charges abound … Lex Lasry says Thomas case is a “trophy trial” ... Prince Charles’ media manipulations … Canadian PM wants pollies to grill Supreme Court candidates … Internet research by NZ jury may upset verdict … Melbourne jury finds accused guilty of murder, or is it manslaughter … Toilet roll murder ... more

Evan Whitton    February 22, 2006  
Two Wongs don't make a white

Evan Whitton says if it’s OK for lawyers to lie to keep rich criminals out of prison, it must be OK for cops to lie to put them in … And he takes Spiggsy Spigelman to task for failing to know the fundamental facts about the common law … We should follow the French and set up a committee to stop justice being perverted ... more

Polly Peck    February 22, 2006  
Capital Offences

Bullmore’s orgy at the Opera House … Turnbull’s twists and turns on RU486 … Fabulous Phil says you have nothing to fear from his interception amendments (where have we heard that before?) ... Heffernan pushing for a federal judicial commission to investigate “a judge and prostitutes”. Sounds fun ... more

News Of The World    February 21, 2006  
Tuesday's news links

David Irving scrambles to embrace the Holocaust but still gets three years jail … Success fee clamp down in Victoria … Germans alleged to have collaborated with US in nasty rendition … Frank Costigan interrupts the Packer panegrics ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    February 17, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

A law school study shows that more than half the detainees at Guantanamo Bay are not accused of doing anything hostile against the US. Only eight percent of the inmates are regarded as terrorist fighters. So what’s going on there? ... Plus Attorney General Gonzales’ extraordinary Senate testimony on warrantless domestic surveillance ... more

News Of The World    February 17, 2006  
Law news links

Cheney could be charged over lawyer shooting … US rejects UN call to close Guantanamo … SA DPP says judges should do more about delays … London QC to face disciplinary hearing … WA bar bans members speaking to media ... more

Theodora    February 17, 2006  
Jottings from the edge

From Supreme Court to Mental Health Tribunal – Greg James turns up trumps … Cole Board’s funny side … AWB’s kind offer to get witnesses “inside the tent” ... Spiggsy and Bubba lunge for the sandwiches … The Blake prize for arty comments ... more

News Of The World    February 15, 2006  
Law news links

Howard doesn’t expect Bambang to help Australians on death row … Government supports Mick Kelpie and the AFP’s actions which led to the convictions in Bali … Lawyer suffers heart attack after being shot by Dick Cheney … Piers Akerman defames Mamdouh Habib … ABA says warrantless tapping is unconstitutional … Finishing touches put on Australia’s new wire tap legislation … ID cards loom for Britons … Federal judicial commission on the cards ... more

News Of The World    February 13, 2006  
Law news links

Squabbling Canadian judges … NZ lawyer struck off for a long history of wildness … Lawyers who stab their wives … Falling law school enrolments … Cardboard cartels … Bali Nine sentences … Dick Cheney shoots lawyer ... more

Polly Peck    February 13, 2006  
Capital Offences

Little One, The Vaile of Tears, and Bunter squirming over their wheeties. Dozens in the public service knew of the baksheesh for Saddam but nary a minister. How miraculous is that? ... Fabulous Phil tries to distract attention with updated timetable for treaty to protect the disabled, the ALRC report into uniform evidence and a “prototype document verification service” ... Anyway the government’s justice policies are just pinched from Labor. Polly Peck wraps up the week in Canberra ... more

News Of The World    February 10, 2006  
Law news links

Shareholder class actions against Telstra and AWB … Sultan of Brunei calls off London embezzlement case against his brother … Scottish judges sent back to school if they are in the habit of giving lenient sentences … Judge regrets Super Bowl cheer in court … Pension fund might attack industrialist’s mansion ... more

News Of The World    February 8, 2006  
Law news links

Indonesian prosecutors snigger during Czugaj submission … Mamdouh Habib suing Murdoch papers for calling him a “suburban terrorist” ... US insurance giant settles with prosecutors for \$US1.6 billion … English law firm partner stabs his wife to death after her affair with Mr Flint … Huge divorce payouts on appeal to the House of Lords … C7 case to grind on for another three years ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    February 8, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

Various of Osama’s retainers and gofers have been charged under the presidential military commission procedure. Roger Fitch probes a variety of tradespeople who have run foul of the new order. The Justice Department has come up with all manner of wild accusations and a bit of forum shopping on the side ... more

News Of The World    February 7, 2006  
Tuesday's news links

House of Lords looking at Human Rights Act in new test case … Ministers should exercise many of the Queen’s prerogatives … Trial cancelled as accused shot dead in Melbourne … Queensland police say they have evidence for four manslaughter charges against Dr Patel … Mark Latham, aka “a Glen Alpine man”, is charged with assault and theft … Alberto Gonzales insists eavesdropping in the US without a court order is constitutional ... more

Harold Skimpole    February 7, 2006  
London Calling

Sir Robert Megarry, 94, has published A New Miscellany of Law with some Australian content, including the Law Society of NSW’s version of the Lord’s Prayer … Hypnotist wakes from court case with fresh promotional zeal ... more

Polly Peck    February 7, 2006  
Capital offences

Fabulous Phil flat-out with bright initiatives … Flash Brendan Nelson’s frightening rise up the ministerial food chain … Bunter Downer’s amusing shtick on the wheat trade backhanders ... more

Barry Lane    February 7, 2006  
True confessions

Voluntary confession to family members may not be voluntary if the interrogation is too rigorous – says the Victorian Court of Appeal. “Confessing” to the family is given the same protections as a formal police interview. What a magnificent breakthrough ... more

Evan Whitton    February 6, 2006  
Bells and Catholics

Kenny Boy goes for the idiot defence … Catholic majority on the US Supreme Court … We don’t need Rupie or Jamie to have a multi-channelled world … Interruption in the church ... more

News Of The World    February 6, 2006  
Monday's news links

Judges, lies and videotape in Massachusetts … Amnesty International on Guantanamo Bay … Senate Judiciary Committee on US government spying … More lies from “Scooter” Libby … Boeing’s general counsel counsels on ethics … Phillip Morris “reprehensible” says Oregon court … Kylie’s former lawyer investigated for tax fraud … Nine drops Gilbert + Tobin … Negligence warnings on abortion drug

... more
News Of The World    February 3, 2006  
Friday's news links

The price of Australian justice … Jim Spigelman on civility … Rose Porteous on charges … \$US220 million in legal fees not enough … Bank of England wants £80 million in costs … House of Lords contradicted on provocation … Public servant guilty of leaking Howard government folly … Safeway guilty of price fixing … Justice Russian-style ... more

News Of The World    February 1, 2006  
News links

Dubya gets his man on the Supreme Court … English company directors fear criminal prosecution … Scots beef up rape laws … Queensland lawyers hired as “contract killers” ... Australia’s anti-terrorism laws under fire … Mr Bean blasts Tony Blair over “anti-joke” legislation … Blair trounced by the Commons over racial hatred amendments ... more

City Desk    January 31, 2006  
Plenty of holes in the death penalty rules

There’s a lot of official windiness about abhorrence of the death penalty. The reality is that the Australian government lets the AFP go right ahead and assist the process that will see Australians sent to the gallows overseas ... more

News Of The World    January 30, 2006  
Latest news links

S & M demonstration in court … Legal corruption investigator stabbed, possibly by lawyers … Kiwi lawyers take flight … More kicking and screaming in Saddam trial … Mr Loophole tells how he gets celebs off drink-driving charges … US senators want to curb junkets for judges … Double jeopardy likely to stay in Queensland … Frightening insight into the mind of Paris Hilton ... more

News Of The World    January 27, 2006  
Friday's news links

Burning the Australian flag is not a criminal offence says flag-lover Johnnie Howard … Blair government pushes on with plans to take low level criminal activity away from the courts … Bush makes a lame case for warrantless evesdropping – nonetheless Americans might be persuaded … Scottish trust account inspector stabbed … US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission should not have prosecuted law firm … Daily Telegraph loses appeal in George Galloway libel case ... more

News Of The World    January 25, 2006  
Wednesday's news links

Starting our new thrice weekly section on law news from hither and yon: John Gotti arguing against a retrial for botched abduction … Donald Trump says he’s been libelled … Hotman Paris Hutapea out of the Corby case … US Army says it won’t execute terrorist detainees … Queensland Liberal leader looking for legal revenge … George Bush says Sam Alito is very smart – but then he said the same about Harriet Myers … A breach of human rights to photograph the Beckhams’ garden ... more

Judges    January 25, 2006  
The David Malcolm story

The Chief Justice of Western Australia has been the subject of coverage in The Australian that has been so bombastic as to make one reach for the vomit bag. Reptilian tub thumping at its most tiresome ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    January 23, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

Cowboys and Indians with Jack Abramoff … “Warrantless surveillance” attracts major lawsuits … Supreme Court says Gonzales can’t meddle in state euthanasia laws … Alito expected to be Democrats “worst nightmare” ... Clinton gets his law licence back … Yoo-hoo – torture man put in the testicle crusher ... more

Evan Whitton    January 23, 2006  
While you were snoozing

Evan Whitton is back, romping through some of the issues that troubled him over Christmas and the New Year: Kerry Packer’s marriage of minds with “Greasy Thumb” Guzik … Stroke-ridden Ariel Sharon’s corruption … Jack Abramoff looking like a Mobster … Kevvie Andrews’ unemployment tricks … How the “unitary executive” theory and Scalito can get Bush off the hook … And the tax deductibility of the $300 million doucer to Saddam ... more

Roger Fitch Esq    January 10, 2006  
Our Man in Washington

President Bush claims that new legislation puts an end to all appeals in the US courts by Guantanamo detainees. That’s it. The Justice Department is moving to scuttle as many as 200 cases, including David Hicks’ appeal. Congress appears to have been snooked by the White House ... more

Sir Terence O'Rort    January 5, 2006  
Rhino's stay struck down

Rampaging Rhino Baker was struck off last October for overcharging and having a dirty mouth. However, the order was stayed pending the outcome of an appeal. Now the Queensland Court of Appeal has found that the discretion to grant the stay miscarried. The inability to practise pending an appeal is simply not a good enough reason to justify a stay ... more